Friday, April 22, 2005

Feline Friday: On the windowsill 

They are cats. You can't ask them to pose. Were you able to make them understand such a request, they would probably refuse. Posing cats is much like herding them, with the added requirement that they not only go to some particular spot, but that they then hold still... just for a moment... please.

Occasionally, however, they will surprise you. On a bright Spring afternoon, you will look up from reading to see them on a sunny windowsill. You will rush for your camera, hoping that they will pay no attention to your movement. It is, after all, not yet time for their dinner. When you return, camera in hand, they will have created a lovely tableau. You will snap the shot, laughing with delight at their beautifully matched silhouettes, at the difference in scale between their 8-lb and 12-lb bodies, at the play of sunlight and shadow across their fur.

They will turn then and see the camera still pressed to your face (a habit you have yet to break from your many pre-digital years). With a yawn and a meow, they will be on to the next thing. You can't ask them to pose. They are cats.

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