Friday, April 08, 2005

Feline Friday: Open season 

At least once every couple of days (or more often if Sasha gets his way), it's open season in our house on the gatitos' favorite toy. This toy - which looks to me like an oversized fly-fishing lure for cats - sounds like fluttering wings as it whirls through the air. The cats go crazy, leaping, flipping, diving and chasing the thing. While Lyra is a "catch and release" girl, both of the boys are "you kill it, you eat it" types. Sergei, in particular, wants to take his feathered prey back to the cave to munch on its feathers. On the (increasingly rare) occasions when I have not returned the bird to its sanctuary after playtime, it has disappeared, save for its metal parts, and the bits of feathers scattered about the house. (Sadly, I have not yet managed to capture the boys' glorious hunting efforts photographically. Sometimes I miss using my film camera... but, for the most part, I have been sucked in by the instant gratification of digital photography.)

Carnival of the Cats is at Enrevanche this week. (There are a couple of big dogs there, but Mister Gato is still in charge... and Barry's serving really good coffee, too.)