Sunday, March 27, 2005

Carnival of the Cats #53 

A big, furry welcome from Lyra, Sergei, Sasha and me. This week's edition of the Carnival of the Cats features photos and such from 33 cat-bloggers. By some "luck" of the draw, I seem to be hosting Carnivals following either the ridiculous or the sublime. While I thought about making thumbnails of this week's photos to include in the Carnival, I had only so many hours (too many, according to some members of my household) to devote to this little project. Instead, I'm just using little cartoonish RFOAC's (Reasonable Facsimile Of A Cat, for those wondering in from elsewhere); you'll just have to go to other folks' blogs to see their cats.

First, a memorial post: NYCBabylon writes, "Our dog Maggie passed away this week, so the blog is a little less cat and more dog, but I needed to pay respects to my dog." (Losing a companion - canine, feline or any other sort - is hard; you have my condolences.)

At Baboon Pirates, El Capitan is engaged in some cat training this week. Apparently Betsy Cat is a very fine trainer.

Frightwig at Sundappled Wood brings us Pearl, O'Malley, Ornette and Gusto, mostly in repose.

Josh's Weblog presents The Other Reason We Invented The Web, Part Three. Atticus knows the other reason we invented paper bags.

Tom at Pooklekufr: the Kafir Constitutionalist presents what he calls Gratuitous Cat Thread I. (Is any cat thread gratuitous? I think not.) Furball Isabella the Third, Bongo the Vicious, Jinx the Schizophrenic, and Babatounde (just plain ol' Babatounde?) all join in.

Darcey at Dust My Broom has a fine submittal for the infrequently used category of Cat and Frog Blogging. Does Steve have a Friday Ark category for this? Of course he does.

Captain Oates at Little Man, What Now? shows the results of loving like cat and dog. That puppy has some 'splainin' to do.

Susan at pages turned says, "It's hard not to look down on people when you're living next to the ceiling." Russians rule from lofty ledges.

From Brainwise at Prophet and Madman: Milo says they're Mine all mine, Otis is on Cloud 9 and the brothers enjoy their Favorite Morning Program.

At Blog d'Elisson, Matata is contemplating a Busy Friday, which includes thinking I can always bite ’Kuna on the ass. Also, Steve poses the question: Why do I get cat hair on my ass every time I sit down on the loveseat in the sunroom? Now He Knows. (Elisson really likes that word "ass," doesn't he?)

Deb at Sugarfused.net says, "I found some baby pictures last night of my Snowshow Siamese, Sugar, and this one is just too cute not to share." There's also Saturday Elvis blogging.

Lab Kat sends an "Early Years" photo of Pixel napping while Pica stands by.

At Athenamama, Jeff has some old shots of Thalia taking on a very patient Ebby.

At Running Scared, Jazz's youngest cat Pepe is taking over a sewing project.

Derek at Blog: Derek Rose has a cat caught in the flash for our perusal.

Diane at DED Space shows us that Velma really knows how to put her foot in her mouth.

Maggie's Meanderings shows the lovely Maggie posing for her picture.

At Trish Wilson's Blog, Trish says there's "more geeky game cat goodness."

At Curiouser & Curiouser, Michael has a photo of the elegantly handsome Harley sitting in a window.

At Watermark, Sharon has both the real and the facsimile: Cats & RFOAC's.

Barry at Enrevanche shows Mister Gato enjoying some found water.

Ferdinand T. Cat at Conservative Cat respectfully submits that even a superior life form can make an Honest Mistake when hungry.

Jack at The Peoples' Republic of Seabrook now has scientific proof of things that most of us already know. And there's a photo of the fabulously cute Eric at Jack's place.

At Cascade Exposures, Jan tells us, "Seal does yoga while Spectra goes zen" in the Tao of Cat.

Tommy sends photos of Striving For Average's Chocolate Chip trying to decide whether it's dinner time.

At Lisa Violet's Cathouse, Handsome is settling in.

Russ at Boxing Alcibiades has evidence that a cat can catch more bird than it can chew. Russ says, "why I'm glad I'm more than eight inches tall..."

Martin at EGO writes that, "Due to the Easter fireworks (perhaps this is a Swedish thing?), Morris is an indoor cat today. He managed to stay pretty calm this year."

Sissy's cats are always trying to help. Baby and Tiny help do the dishes, keep an eye out for feral chickens, and wait to offer assistance whereever required. They also get in on celebrating important dates.

At the Oubliette, the reclusive Mac has come out to watch the party, and Mira catches Eep, Maleficent and McCullough at the new kitty fountain.

Darcy at By the Way writes, "Melvin was being a camera-hog this week. Next week it'll have to be All Lorax."

At Quite Early One Morning, Zozo has won the coveted Miss Wide Load pageant, and BJ has a pun to gladden an architect's heart.

Over at CathColl.net, site of next week's Carnival, the lovely Emily demonstrates a new grooming position.

Contributions from last week's Carnival anniversary have Laurence's cats Edloe and Frisky rolling in dough. As Sissy has noted, there's a new TBIFOC feature, Ask the Cats, in which Edloe, Frisky, Piper and Nardo mouth off about politics and comment on pop culture. (Lair says that this feature is political, but I say it's just another excuse for cat blogging, so it's in for this week.)

Late-breaking, from the Mind of Mog: Izzy "is very intelligent, sneaky, fast, really fast especially if there’s food involved. He’s no dim bulb."

While I have the floor, I want to recommend to y'all the fine Carnival Submittal Form created by Ferdinand T. Cat's human pet, Bruce. Not only it is simple to use, it generates lovely cut-and-paste HTML code for each submittal - a fine starting point for your carnival host or hostess. Thank you, Bruce!

Thanks again (and again (and again...)) to Steve at The Modulator for singlehandedly keeping the Friday Ark afloat.

And a very big thank you to Laurence Simon, for the pleasure of hosting this week's Carnival of the Cats. Next week, the Carnival will be at CathColl.net.