Wednesday, March 23, 2005

New baby 

I've mentioned to a couple of friends that I've been feeling I should rename this blog 'Music and Death' or 'Death and Cats' for the week, as there is another architectural master whose passing this week I have yet to mark. And, while I've so far chosen not to write about it here, I've been feeling troubled by the sturm und drang surrounding what I feel should be a personal matter for one family in Florida.

However, this evening I'm taking a break to celebrate a birth. I've never outgrown the love of horses that came upon me when I was five or six. Neither has my sister, and she and her husband have several, including this beautiful baby, who was born on March 5. He was eight days old when she took this photo of him with his mother.

It's Spring. Flowers are blooming all over Seattle. Baby animals are cavorting. It's good to be alive.