Friday, November 26, 2004

Feline Friday 8: No place to nap 

As is their wont, the cats spent a good part of Thanksgiving day napping. Sadly, when Paul and I might have wanted to retire to our bed for a bit of a post-dinner nap, this was the sight that greeted us. Sasha and Sergei were on Paul's side of the bed, entwined in a typical cat brothers napping pose. Lyra had her own space, up against my pillow, and was more deeply asleep than I usually see her.

We find it amusing, and heartwarming, that the cats' favorite places on the bed are right up against our pillows. If they selected these spots only when we had recently vacated them, I would chalk it up to their being prewarmed. However, these are the places that they often select whether or not we have recently occupied them. I assume that our pillows smell like us, and are therefore comforting.