Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression... 

I seem to have progressed through Kubler-Ross's first three stages of grief sometime during election day (although I don't remember bargaining - perhaps I dreamed it last night), and woke up this morning smack dab in the middle of depression. I am feeling heartbroken today. I had not ever imagined that the results of an election might affect me in quite this way.

After the first presidential debate, Paul turned to me and asked, "Vancouver or Victoria?" I've liked Canada since my first visit to Montreal for Expo '67. (I was six, and thought the red-clad Mounties on their beautiful horses were really cool.) Today the idea of living there has even more appeal than it did just two days ago. Last night, I even looked at the Canadian Immigration website when I could no longer stomach watching the election returns. I feel like I've run out of "fight" for now, so "flight" seems particularly appealing.

We interrupt this glum post to bring you this message from the Department of Laughing-to-keep-from-Crying:
For those of you who are single, and would like to move to Canada, take a look at Marry an American. According to this website, there are single Canadians, of both sexes and various sexual orientations, who are willing to marry you to help you get into Canada. Their motto: "No good American will be left behind!"

In a similar vein, Matthew Yglesias has posted a revisionist map that has been traveling around the Internet(s). It's for those who might have been puzzling over how to combine the "blue" states into their own country, but were concerned about that big gap between the "left" coast and all those liberal Yankee states. Whoever did this has it all figured out.
We now return you to the moaning already in progress.

I know that sometime after depression comes acceptance. I'm not sure yet what that might look like, or how long it will take me to get there.