Thursday, November 11, 2004

Having a life... or not 

Four days without posting is not what I had planned for this week. I was going to write about Sunday's baby shower for a friend, and Monday's really strange dreams, and Tuesday's writing class. I also had some ideas for posts about the political climate that I've been contemplating for the past week. (I've gotten over the worst of my post-election depression, and am working on healthy, productive acceptance... which will involve neither moving to Canada nor just waiting around for the next four years to pass.) Instead of writing blog posts, I went to the baby shower, and did homework for my writing class, and oh, yeah, I have a job, too, with a big deadline coming up in a week.

For the past couple of days, I've been in Oakland, CA, where the main office of my architectural firm is located. It has been great getting in some face time with the project team with which I'm working. Seeing the "we're never going to get this finished on time" look on one's coworkers faces, when that is what one has been feeling, is, if nothing else, oddly reassuring. Panic, like misery, loves company. Tomorrow we will not be able to work on our project, as we are having our yearly office retreat. The twenty of us will sit in a room together all day. We will have "state of the office" addresses from the several partners, and talk about plans, goal, etc. for the upcoming year. A management consultant of some sort is coming to inspire us, and lead us in many verses of Kum-bah-yah. I hope there will be lots of coffee.