Saturday, April 30, 2005

A moment in the rain 

When I went out to pick up lunch yesterday, a gentle rain was falling. The warm, sunny days that we've had recently have encouraged strolling and basking; during yesterday's chilly showers people just wanted to get where they were going.

I'd picked up a sandwich at Macrina, and was headed back up 1st Avenue toward my office, lunch in one hand, umbrella in the other. He was coming down 1st Avenue, a tough looking young guy sporting a spiky haircut, a few facial piercings, and a dark expression. We were walking quickly, in the middle of the sidewalk, directly towards each other. Twenty-five feet separated us when we attempted evasive maneuvers. I feinted slightly to my right; he to his left. We made eye contact. We each shifted in the opposite direction; his mouth quirked up, and I grinned. A couple more of these mirrored changes in direction, eyes locked, and we were laughing. Neither of us slowed our pace, but at the last possible moment we shifted out of a collision course. I caught a whiff of wet leather as we passed, only inches apart.

I was still laughing when I turned the corner... and could hear his laughter coming from behind me.