Wednesday, January 26, 2005

My outfits are never incomplete 

My mother was horrified when she learned that Paul and I had adopted not one, not two, but three cats after our last cat died. Perhaps horrified is a little strong; she certainly was not happy. She is allergic to cats. While her allergy is not severe, her reaction to three indoor cats is watery eyes and sneezing. When my parents come to visit, we all make adjustments. The cats are exiled from the guest room, we clean rigorously, and my mother takes antihistamines as needed.

I've often felt that my mother does not understand how important our cats are to us, so I was quite touched when she gave me this amusing hand towel. While it may not signal an understanding of the depth of our feelings for our furry family, I feel that it shows an understanding that the cats - and the talismans of their fur that we take with us everywhere - are a fact of our lives.