Saturday, January 22, 2005

Customer Satisfaction Survey 

Yesterday, I received via email the following survey from the Coffee Drink Delivery Service, which provides me with a freshly-made latte in bed each morning. My responses to the survey questions are underlined.

Dear Kimberly,

We hope you have enjoyed your experience with the Coffee Drink Delivery Service. In order to monitor our performance and gauge our customer experience, we are sending you the following questions. Your answers will help us continue to improve our service. Thank you for your time.

1. My coffee drinks have usually been:
a) on-time and yummy
b) on-time, but sadly lacking in taste
c) on-time, but foul
d) late

2. My coffee drinks have been made with:
a) love
b) indifference
c) contempt and loathing

3. My coffee drinks have helped me:
a) sleep in
b) get up and go
c) in no way

4. The coffee drink delivery person is:
a) extraordinarily cute and adorable
b) sexy enough to be distracting, if I were awake
c) very kind and thoughtful
d) all of the above

5. The coffee drink song is:
a) an ever-changing source of enjoyment
b) a regular annoyance
c) something I usually sleep through

6. I wish the Coffee Drink Delivery Service would:
a) go away
b) bring me prune juice instead
c) stay the way it is
d) expand service to other cities, such as Houston when we're there

Thank you. Your responses are very important to us at the Coffee Drink Delivery Service. Again, we hope you are enjoying our service, and will continue to in the future.

Sincerely, The Coffee Drink Delivery Service

What, you may ask, is the Coffee Drink Delivery Service? And how might you sign up for it?

As I wrote several months ago, the CDDS is none other than my husband Paul. At that time, the delivery service had been temporarily discontinued; to my great pleasure, service has now resumed.

To sign up for this Coffee Drink Delivery Service, one must reside in the (very limited) service area. Perhaps you know someone who would be willing to start a franchise where you live.