Monday, November 01, 2004

It was a dark and steamy night... 

... in Houston, and it was Halloween. So, despite the heat, all sorts of small creatures - beautiful and gruesome, scary and sweet - were out and about, gathering candy from appropriately admiring and/or frightened adults. Along with the candy came blasts of chilled air from doorways. Parents in t-shirts and shorts (and at least one aunt and uncle in inappropriately Seattleish clothing) watched from the sidewalk, and offered needed encouragement. "Knock on the door... good... now say Trick or... what do you say now, sweetheart?... watch those steps..."

Our nephews were honorary McKittens (after a fashion) for the evening, Max a lion and Reed a tiger. Sadly, their fleecy costumes were better suited for traditional, autumnal Halloween weather than for last night's sauna. Reed threw his headwear on the ground within minutes of going outside, but Max kept his on through the first block of houses.

Also trick-or-treating with us were the three children of some friends. Their twins, a girl and a boy, are a couple of months younger than Max, and their daughter is a five-year-old, blonde, blue-eyed beauty. Max has thing about blondes. And a thing about "older women". Put the two together, and we're talking full out adoration, as is obvious in the photo below. Luckily for Max, this pretty little princess likes cats... even fleecy ones with damp, slightly grubby paws.