Friday, October 08, 2004

Feline Friday I: First photos 

I've been posting photos of our furry family only occasionally for fear of appearing like one of those crazy cat ladies. What, writing about them every few days already makes me sound like a crazy cat lady? Fine then, if the damage is done, I'll stop resisting. While cats are much less cooperative than buildings as photographic subjects, I have gotten a few shots that show more than paw or flank or tail.

Lyra, Sasha and Sergei have lived with us for a little over two years. Lyra was about a year old when we adopted her. Two weeks later, we brought two kittens, Sasha and Sergei (who are in fact brothers), home to keep her company. They were half her size at the time; now they weigh almost twice what she does.

These are the first photos that I took of the little herd that we call, in a play on my last name, the McKittens.

When Lyra was still afraid to get very close to either of us, but wanted to be social, she would hang out on the arm of our overstuffed leather chair. She was within hand's reach of the occupant of said chair, and could request and receive ear rubbing, but she was able to quickly and easily get away if she got spooked... which, as the leather on the chair bears witness, happened quite often.

Sasha and Sergei were very attached to each other when they first came to live with us. This yin-yang pose was one of their favorite napping positions. They would knead each other's bellies with their front paws and purr. They were about 8 months old when I took this photo. They still enjoy each other's company, and sometimes wake us by wrestling on top of us.

More cat pics and tidbits next Friday...