Saturday, October 02, 2004


ke04.jpgI have plenty to say about politics. So far, I have not chosen to say anything here. I let my husband Paul, savvy political analyst that he is, handle that over at his blog. Every marriage has its distribution of labor; this is one of ours. However, when I saw this button on his blog, I couldn't resist. Of the many things for which I fault the current president, his regular abuse, misuse, nay, mangling of the English language - while perhaps low in importance in the grand scheme of things - makes my brain hurt. It is difficult for me listen to the man speak. And I'm from Texas, so it's not the accent that I find offputting. There are a lot of folks with accents like his who can put together cogent, grammatical, complete sentences... AND deliver... them... without pausing every three or... four words. He's just rarely one of them. Oh, and I can't tell you how much I'm hoping that, come January, I won't ever again have to hear a president of the United States utter the nonsense syllables new-kew-ler.

OK, all done for now.

UPDATE: The "Bring Back Complete Sentences" button is from Catherine Smith at Blog for Democracy. The story of the buttons is here. You can order buttons here, and t-shirts and coffee mugs with the slogan here.