Monday, October 04, 2004


There's a blog I read occasionally that has a section on the sidebar entitled "Bloggers I have Verified to be Flesh." Before yesterday, had I made such a list, it would have been comprised of my husband Paul (who has been well and truly verified) and our "blog children," the three women who started their own blogs after reading ours for a while.

Yesterday, however, I added someone I met through blogging to the list of those I know to be real, living, breathing human beings... and really nice ones at that. A couple of months ago, in a ramble through the blogosphere, I came across nina turns 40. I enjoyed Nina's poetic writing, great photos and colorful layout. As we exchanged comments and emails, we realized that we live in the same neighborhood, and work within blocks of each other. In fact, Nina walks the Kidlet to school within view of my house.

Yesterday afternoon Nina and I met in person at El Diablo Coffee, the wonderful Latin coffee place on Queen Anne Avenue. As Nina had expected, we recognized each other right away, and we do look as if we could be sisters: two 40-something women with straight shoulder-length salt'n'pepper hair. We got our cafe cubanos (thanks again, Nina), found a nice spot on Diablo's patio... and talked.

For almost three hours we talked, and a fun and interesting conversation it was, too. Because we read each other's blogs, we know these things about each other's lives, but we don't really know each other yet. So the conversation involved a lot of getting background, and filling in gaps, and then went on from there. And then we went next door to Queen Anne Books, my favorite little independent bookstore, for what was, for each of us, very restrained (i.e. one book only) book buying. It was a lovely afternoon.