Sunday, June 05, 2005

Market morning 

When I left home for the Ballard Farmers' Market this morning, I forgot something important: my camera. The market was awash in the reds of poppies and lilies, strawberries and beets, the greens of sugar snaps, garlic tops and leafy salad mixes, and a whole range of blues, pinks and purples in between. There were so many beautiful photos there for the taking, but not for me today.

My loot from the market arranged itself in unlikely alphabetical clusters:
Asparagus (last of the season)
Beets (with greens)
Chard (yellow-stemmed)
Delphiniums (a sentimental favorite, used with yellow roses in our wedding flowers)

Peonies (blowsy, pink, fragrant)
Rhubarb (whether for compote or crisp, I had to have it)
Sweet peas (sadly, the photo can't convey their heavenly scent)
Tomatoes (green, either for frying or an interesting soup recipe)