Friday, December 24, 2004

Let it snow! 

It has been snowing off and on in Houston for much of the day and evening. This is the type of snow that can't quite make up its mind whether it wants to be snow, sleet, tiny hail or nothing at all. It is, however, something frozen that is coming from the sky and making its way to the ground in a more or less floaty way. And, within the past three or four hours, it has even begun to accumulate on cold spots, such as rooftops and parked cars. The weather forecasters say that there may be up to an inch accumulation by tomorrow morning!

What does my Connecticut-born-and-raised husband make of all this? He is completely stunned and amused by the strong reactions of the natives to what is to him an inconsequential amount of frozen precipitation. At first, he was unwilling even to grant the snow a designation beyond a "flurry." Upon leaving my sister's house after dinner, and noting the buildup of snow on the roof of the car, he conceded that this could be considered a "dusting" of snow. And, when we arrived back at my parents' house, he made a small snowball from said snow, and tossed it at the neighbors' car.

While neither of us would consider an inch of snow on the ground in the morning to constitute a "white Christmas," it would be fun to see it, and to watch our nephews playing in the first snow that they've ever seen. So, keep it coming! Let it snow!