Saturday, March 05, 2005

Ten things I've done... 

...that you probably haven't.

SO... I find that I'm no longer one of those bloggers who doesn't do memes. Melinama has found a couple that I've really enjoyed; "Ten things I've done" is the most recent.

Here are mine:
1. I have cut the tip off my finger and had it reattached.
2. I have had my picture taken with a US First Lady who admired my artwork.
3. I have played fiddle for and taught Breton dancing in Brazil.
4. I have attended a perfomance of a Mozart string quartet in the Salzburg Castle.
5. I have been picked up by a 6'-6" tall, red-headed, kilted bagpiper near the border between Scotland and England.
6. I have helped a homeless family move into affordable housing that I designed.
7. I have ridden fences (checking for breaks, on horseback) on a ranch in Colorado.
8. I have been called God by a Kennedy. (Yes, that branch of the family.)
9. I have driven hundreds of miles on my honeymoon just to see several sets of 1000-year-old reindeer horns.
10. I have twice fallen in love with a man who has subsequently developed cancer.

Of course, there is more to each of these. Would you like to know more about any of them? Let me know...

Update: Reading this list will give you some insight into my #10.

And, since people seem to be interested, here's more about some of my true stories:#1, #2, #4, #8, #10